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April 20, 2016

Handmade eco-healthy pillow “Forest Dream”

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This pillow, filled with pine, cedar and spruce needles, will bring health, peace and harmony into your home and life. It will give you and your children a better, deeper and more relaxed sleep.

Who can benefit from an eco-healthy pillow?

The pillow has an overall healing effect on the whole body, as well as a powerful influence in the prevention of various diseases. It improves blood circulation to the brain, thus being an excellent natural remedy for headaches, dizziness, and fatigue due to poor health.

Especially recommended for people:

* Suffering from sleep disorder

* Under stress

* With a weak nervous system

* With poor blood flow to the brain

* With memory issues

* With impaired hearing or vision

* Recovering after a stroke

* With a weakened immune system

Additional benefits

* Conditions and improves hair (strengthening growth, reducing gray hairs)

* Improves skin condition

* Cleans and disinfects the air in the room

* Has a massaging effect on face and ears’ acupuncture points

* Helps prevent cold and flu

* Improves functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems


* Before use, shake the pillow to give it the desired shape and redistribute filler.

* Use during sleep, as replacement for a regular pillow, or in combination (on top or under the pillow).


Organic cotton, organic pine needles. Free from any additives or fragrances!

These naturally hypoallergenic pillows made from real pine needles possess antibacterial properties and improve the immune system.

What gives the uniqueness to the filler used for these pillows is a special heat treatment of the pine needles, which contributed to maximum purification of the material, while retaining all of its essential oils, biologically active substances and phytoncides (antimicrobial allelochemical volatile organic compounds). The needles are very well dried to prevent mold.

FAQ: care for “Forest Dream” products

Always shake pillow well before use to enhance the aroma of the pine needles.

A small pillow should be placed on top of a regular pillow, close to face, or inside pillowcase.

A large pillow can be used alone or in combination with a regular pillow.

People suffering chronic bronchitis and tracheitis should sleep with a “Forest Dream” pillow as close as possible to nostrils so they inhale the pine. To enhance phytoncides’ volatility, place a hot water bottle under pillow.

The filler’s concentrated aroma will slightly fade with time and will be less pronounced, however will not disappear completely.

“Forest Dream” pillows come in different sizes:

Eco-healthy pillows "Forest Dream" * Adult 16″ x 12″ (41 cm x 30 cm) ; 21″x13″(53.5 cm x 33c m); ( 24″ x 15″62 cm x39 cm) or custom size





Eco-healthy pillows "Forest Dream" * Children 6.8″ x 4″ (10 cm x 16,5 cm) ; 8″ x 48 (20 cm x 20 cm);   4,2″ x 7″(11cm х 18 cm) or custom size




 small pillow



*    Custom size


Pillow over your eyes

Pillow over your eyes

“Forest Dream” eco-healthy pillow for eyes

 size 8″ x 3,2″ (9 cm x 20 cm)

Eco pillows “Forest Dream” for eyes relieve eye fatigue, normalize intraocular pressure, reduce tension and discomfort in the eye muscles. They improve microcirculation and help deliver nutrients to each cell in the eye area. They also eliminate nasal congestions and headaches. Forest Dream eye pillows activate the eye nerves, remove redness in the eyes, caused by computer and other fatigue. They prevent eye diseases.

Application: lie down comfortably and place a pillow on your eyes. Relax and nap for 20 minutes or longer.

There are no contraindications to this product!

You can place your order:

By phone: 647-400-7770 (Iryna) By e-mail: ir_entina@mail.ru

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